Saturday, 28th May, 2016

What If . . .

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if I simply wrote “Nothing happened in Wales this week”?

    Well, I was in a part of our land this week where I simply took a stroll.   I wandered through some green-leaved woodland in Ceredigion.   It was a still day with only the sound of the birds breaking a perfect silence.

     I was alone with my thoughts.

     And the experience reminded me – had I needed such a reminder – that here in this magical land we still have many places for such solitary contemplation.   Even though it’s the start of the visitor-season.

     One can even find such places in our big cities, for such is the magic of Wales.

However . . .

     . . . there are certainly people in Wales who have not “felt” that magic.   There’s been a fair few bomb hoaxes in the South of our land.

     These hoaxes seem to be aimed at schools.   It’s GCSE time if I remember rightly, and such dangerous silliness could interfere with those exams.   Thus, our young people will be upset and worried about their futures.

    Similar hoaxes have happened in Mother England.   Which shows that evil-minded people lurk everywhere.

     South Wales Police are investigating.   I wish them success – and quick success, too!

Carwyn To The Rescue?

     In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a strike going on at the National Museum of Wales.   The dispute is all about pay.

     And, as it’s been going on so long, our Welsh Government is going to step in and see what can be done to sort things.   Our First Minister has pledged an end to the dispute.

      We shall see . . .

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Saturday, 21st May, 2016

Since The Election

     One would think, with all the argy-bargy  in our Welsh Assembly since the Election, there’d be little room for disgusting insults.

     Leanne Woods, our Plaid Cymru Leader and shiny new AM, worked well when opposing the return of Carwyn Jones as Chief Minister.   She got many of Plaid’s aims and objectives to be approved by Welsh Labour.   So that’s going to be a step forward for Wales.

     I will repeat that sticking the word “Welsh” in front of a party’s name does not mean it isn’t controlled from the HQ of that party in England.

     But what has not been at the forefront of the goings-on in Cardiff Bay is that a member of an extreme Right-wing party in our Senedd has used a terrible expression when describing two female AMs.   Neil Hamilton, of UKip, called those ladies our First Minister’s concubines.

     That alone, whatever party he belongs to, should have him thrown out of our Assembly and cause a fresh election in his constituency.   See what you get when you vote neo-Nazi?

Free Education For All?

     I was shocked to hear the news that Llanfyllin High School pupils are going to have to pay FOUR TIMES the amount they now pay for transport to school.

     OK – it seems to be only those pupils who live outside the normal catchment area of the school.   There are one-hundred-and-fifty of those.   But, surely, the choice of school lies with the parents of the youngsters.   And, if there is a sensible reason for that choice, the pupils concerned should not be penalised on some trivial pretext.

     Let us strive to make good, free education available to all.

Radio Wales

     It’s a cosy, friendly radio station is our national English-language broadcaster.   The programme-presenters’ warm voices help many of us to enjoy a better day.

     Yet its listening figures have slipped a little recently.   It can’t be due to its content of programmes, nor its presenters.

     The station, like me, is asking the all important question “Why?”.

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Saturday, 14th May, 2016

Political Struggles

     Looks like our shiny new Assembly Government is still – at the time of writing – can’t agree on who’s to be Wales’ First Minister.

     My spies tell me that Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour AMs will be meeting to do a spot of arm-wrestling to decide what they should do with the situation.   The outcome will be interesting in the light of some of the comments made during the electioneering period.

     And, while on the subject, why has the British media papered over the fact that Plaid Cymru did so well in the election?   Could it be that our English overlords do not want to acknowledge that more and more of the The People of Wales are tending to think we should run our own affairs – without “foreign” interference?

Putting The Record Straight

     I believe, along with many people, that Dylan Thomas was one of the finest writers of the 20th Century.   His poetry alone is something of which Wales should be proud.

     Now, it seems, there’s evidence that he was not a boozy woman-chaser after all.

     Written evidence has been found to show that he was a rather shy man, who remained sober and respected women.   Which just goes to show that the media of his day “got it wrong” to please an unsuspecting audience by feeding it sleaze.

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Saturday, 7th May, 2016

Media Bias?

     Well, all that seems to have happened in the Welsh Assembly election has been that the neo-fascists, UKip, have done well, and that Welsh Labour are still the outright winners.

     There has been precious little mention that Plaid Cymru, The Party Of Wales, has done pretty well, too!   But the media is controlled by those whose interests lie in keeping the status quo.   We, The People of Wales, are not, according to them, capable of running our own affairs.

     And Plaid is the only party in Wales which has its headquarters in Wales – rather than in London where all the other parties seem to have their main bases.

A Question

     If so many folk want the UK to leave the EU so that “we” can run our own affairs, why don’t those same folk allow Wales and Scotland to run their own affairs?

     I shalln’t bring up the subject of Mother England not yet having her own government . . .

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Saturday, 30th April, 2016

Here We Go Again!

     Looks like there’s squabbling still going on as the big-boys strive to buy Port Talbot steelworks.   Potential buyers come and potential buyers go – at least that’s how it seems to most of us.

The latest offerer says that it cannot take on Tata’s pensions liabilities.   Looks to me – a complete outsider in such deals – that the people who work at the plant may not get their expected pensions, then.

Nothing is decided – nor is anything straightforward

And it’s people’s lives the big-boys are dealing with here.

A Quiet Protest

     I hardly noticed the reporting of a strike which is going on.   I suppose the Junior Doctors have overshadowed it.

The members of the Public & Commercial Services Union – no, I’d never heard of it, either – are “taking indefinite action” because, for working at weekends in our Welsh museums, they are not going to be paid!

This dispute has been going on for a couple of years – and I don’t think even the Welsh media have mentioned it before.   The bosses – the National Museum of Wales – say they haven’t got the money to pay the Union members for all the work they do.

Next Week Is Important!

     Important because we’re about to have an election.   It will be to elect our Assembly Members.   And, though the politicians in London seem to have managed to deter many of us from voting, let us show ‘em!

Let us just get out there and vote!!!

That will show our London masters that The People Of Wales are perfectly capable of making our own decisions.

And it would be great if we elected AMs who are rooted in Wales – and whose party has its headquarters in Wales.   And there’s only one party which fits that bill.

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Saturday, 23rd April, 2016

More News From Port Talbot

     Rumours and rumours of rumours are flying about as the fate of the steelworks is still not resolved.   As I’ve said before:  it is the workforce which is suffering most under this threat of closure, not the wealthier people who own the place.

     Yet there are various who have shown an interest in taking over the plant.   That includes the Wasteminster government which seems to have said that it would chip in a bit towards helping a potential buyer.

     But the worst thing I’ve heard – and it shocked me – is that the workers at the plant may be asked to cough up TEN THOUSAND POUNDS EACH to keep it open!

     How, I ask, would ordinary shop-floor workers find such a sum if push came to shove?

     The bankers will be rubbing their hands if this idea goes ahead – they will the ones who’ll benefit when the workers are forced to borrow from them to find the cash to save the steelworks.

The New Boss Speaks

     Vanessa Young is the fairly-new Director of Wales’ National Health Service.   And she has made a major statement about the Service.

     Ms. Young says that a quite radical overhaul is needed, including recruiting more staff and improving facilities for our old people.   The number of those old people is increasing all the time.

     I’m told that it will be best for Wales to stay as part of the EU.   That seems to be because our Assembly Government will gain EU grants and, hopefully, much of that Eurocash will be spent on our NHS.

Vote, Vote, Vote!

     Looks like many – if not most – of the electorate is so fed up of politics (and so busy watching telly) that they will not be exercising their right to use a democratic vote.   And that is a sad situation.

     I trust, dear reader, that you will encourage your family and friends to use that very hard-won privilege.   However, there something about next month’s Assembly election which is confusing many of us.

     We can vote for an individual candidate to take care of local affairs.   And we can vote for a group of candidates from one party or another to become our Regional representative.

     So, if we look at the people in a group or such representatives and find one who we can’t stand, what do we do?

     In my opinion, each of the thirteen original Welsh counties should elect but one candidate.   Then, those thirteen elected members should be the total number of our Assembly – and they should meet in Owain Glyndwr’s Parliament Building in Machylleth.   That would save a lot of upkeep expense – electricity, cleaning bills, etc.

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Saturday, 16th April, 2016

Good News For Cardis!

     Some of my readers may not know that Cardis are people who come from Old Cardiganshire, now Ceredigion.   They have a certain reputation.

‘Tis said that a Cardi can buy from a Jew and sell to a Scotsman at a profit.

So the news of the 2018 national Eisteddfod must have spread like wildfire up there in Ceredigion, and warmed many a Welsh heart.   For the news is that, when the Eisteddfod is held in Cardiff Bay, admission with be free!

But hang on a minute!   Surely that news won’t increase the number of Cardis travelling to Cardiff Bay just for the Eisteddfod.   To do so would involve travelling expenses, and cash is more important than culture . . .

Port Talbot

     I find the lack of reported news about the goings-on over the steelworks in that splendid town is more disturbing than the announcement of its closure.

We – the People of Wales – need to know, on a day to day basis, just what’s happening there.   And the families who are worrying about their future need to know that even more so!

Come on, Wasteminster, let’s have some open reporting.

Faster, Faster!

     The speed limits on Welsh motorways are to be increased from 70 mph to 80 mph.

Well, that’s the Tory plan if they ever get chance to implement it.

They claim that the extra 10 mph will make Wales a more prosperous place, because we’ll be able to move goods around quicker.

They make no mention of extra accidents . . .

Did You Know . . .

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