Saturday, 20th August, 2016

A Not-The-Olympics World Record

     The Rio Olympics have dominated the news for far too long.   The headlines tell us who’s won what and how proud we should be of Team GB.

    I was bored with the whole thing from Day One, so it’s good that there’s news from Wales which, though of world-shaking importance, does not seem the have dominated the news on Team Broadcasting GB.

     One-thousand-four-hundred-and-fifty-seven sounds a big number to me.   That’s how many lambs Gareth Daniel and Ian Jones sheared in nine hours yesterday, right here in Wales.   And that established a new world record.

     Fair play:  it was mentioned on Radio Wales.   But why did it not make news headlines right across the “United” Kingdom?   That has to be a rhetorical question, for we who live in this special land are all aware of the answer . . .

The Weather Strikes Again

          Wales’ biggest music-and-surfing festival in Abersoch has had to alter its programme severely this weekend due to the rather sudden weather change.

     I love its name:  “Glass Butter Beach”, and feel sorry that such an event – which brings many visitors to our land – has been so affected.   The more get-togethers of happy festival-goers there are, the better for society in general.   We can meet people from various walks of life at such events and realise that, despite what the greedy media-controllers tell us, to love is easier than to hate.

     Let us, though, be mindful that there are great changes happening to our weather system.   And let us prepare ourselves and our homes “just in case”.

     I will conclude this weather-watch piece by quoting something which a friend of mind often says:  “Whatever the weather, we have the privilege of living in Wales!”.

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Saturday, 13th August, 2016

It’s Holiday Time!

     Right in the middle of the main holiday season – a source of income so needed in Wales – the promenade in Colwyn Bay has been closed.

     Not for long, of course.   And the closure is of importance to “the developers”.   Developers are people who make money out of changing things:  green fields into supermarkets, sea-fronts into “better-looking” places . . .  You know the kind of thing.

     And you’ll know that I’ve raved about “developments” in this column before.   They so often involve big money and change places that don’t need changing.

     I wish Colwyn Bay well, and hope that the millions of pounds their Council is spending on this “development” will soon be earned from the holiday-trade, enhanced as it will be by folk holidaying there just to see the new sea-front . . .

Remembering Wales’ Past.

     There has been a series of plays on radio this week about the “development” of Wales since the early 1800s.   Each one of the plays has simply been a dialogue between a local Welshman – from the Merthyr area, I think – and an English “developer”.

     I learned how the coming of the first railway line, which was from London to Swansea, altered Welsh clocks!

     Yes, really!   Before the coming of the good old steam-engines, Welsh clocks were set to sun-time.   I.e., noon was when the sun was at its highest point.   Makes sense to me.

     The Englishman pointed out that, as London was eleven minutes earlier when the sun was at that point, then Wales must conform to the English capitals time.   The Welsh farmer argued, of course, but the argument was settled because people might become confused and miss their trains from Swansea!

     See, dear reader – imperialisation does not always come by force of arms, but by subtle degrees.   Which is why our land is seen by the English now as just a rather large English county.

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Saturday, 6th August, 2016

Politicking Again

     The democratically elected Leader of the Labour Party clashed with his rival for the Leadership in Cardiff this week.   It was a real row at times!

     Mr. Corbyn can honestly be called “Old Labour”, inasmuch as he tries to follow the political viewpoint of the founders of the party.   Mr. Smith seems to be very much “New Labour” or – as we’re not supposed to say – “Blairite” in his outlook.

     If one studies the reasons for the founding of the Labour Party and the principles on which it was created, one sees clearly that Corbyn is following those reasons and principles.

     Perhaps, dear reader, you would like to look at this lampoon – it covers the situation admirably:-

Protecting The Language

     The Welsh language is still under threat.   And it is not just along our border with Mother England.   Right across our land, English is becoming the first-language of more and more of The People of Wales.

     I look for reasons, and there seem to be two main ones.

     Firstly, the politeness of first-language Welsh speakers.   A learner – like me – who stumbles when starting to chat with a Welsh speaker for the first time nearly always finds that his listener immediately switches to English.

      That is of little help to a learner, polite though it may be.

      Then, there is the obvious fact that English has become the language of international commerce.   So it seems to most people that its use is very important.   And that Welsh is of less importance as, outside Wales, it is not spoken.

     I suppose a third reason is the massive influx of English immigrants who are settling, for whatever reasons, right across our rural areas.   The immigrants do not need to learn Welsh, due to the other two reasons.   And so, once totally Welsh-speaking areas, change dramatically.

     The challenge, then, for Welsh Nationalists is “How can we stop these changes happening?”.   I would be grateful for any suggestions from my readers.

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Saturday, 30th July, 2016


     Sorry about last week, folks.   Some things just crop up and I can’t get my stuff to the friend who posts it for me.

     He may not be a computer genius, but he knows how to do many online things.   Indeed, we nearly all use computers and mobile-phones these days.   Things have come a long way in communications in my day.

     However, I heard an interesting story about the technology of Wales recently.   It seems that, in a village in the heart of our land, the people had no mobile-signal.   An incomer to that village formed a group – a not-for-profit-company – basically to put up a mast and get that signal going.

     A lot of money was raised.   It is said that it all went to put up a mast on a nearby mountain.   BUT that mast was too short for purpose!

     So it’s taken years for that village to get a signal – and it’s only just happened.

     The local MP, ’tis said, has mentioned the fact in the Commons, and highly praised the man who started the whole thing off.   However, it was the local AM who got the place a signal!   And that was after seven years (I think) of promises, promises from the original group.

     I’m looking forward to the next speech of that MP . . .

Bringing Communities Together

     In our land, we have always bred close communities.   It’s the Welsh way.   We look after our neighbours, and – in the main – we welcome newcomers to our areas.   (Mind you, that’s if they want to be welcomed:  some of ’em just don’t join in activities in those areas.)

     So, when I pass through various places in Wales, I really am saddened by the number of shops which are empty.   Yes, the big boys have changed things and local businesses have suffered.

     There are pubs, too, which have either closed or become restaurants.

     So, with local shops not being there and no pubs in which to sit and talk about righting the wrongs of the world (!), community is suffering.   Can we, though, do anything to stop it happening?

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Saturday, 23rd July, 2016

Alas, for technical reasons, Archie’s column cannot be published this week.

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Saturday, 16th July, 2016

Funny Game, Politics

        Well, it is if you look at the antics of the elected members of what the English think of as “their” government, i.e., Wasteminster.   There is so much name-calling there presently that even the English are losing their confidence in that seat of government.

     Here in Wales, we much count ourselves as fortunate for, although – yes – members of our own, genuinely Welsh government have a go at each other at times, it is done in a more polite manner.   Thus the conduct of our AMs sets an example to the people of our nation.

     Perhaps that’s why Welsh sports-fans are so well behaved when they visit countries abroad!

    So come on, Wasteminster.   If so many of you continue to behave in a shoddy way, what do you think foreign lands will make of the “United” Kingdom?   Take a lesson from our AMs, please.

The Competition Hots Up

     Welsh politician and Pontypridd  MP, Owen Smith is to stand against Jeremy Corbyn when the Labour Party holds another election to choose a leader.   Mr. Smith seems to have the backing of the Blairite rebels in the Party.

     For some reason, people who have only just become members of the Party won’t be able to vote in this election.   Is that democracy?

     The sooner Wales gets true independence, the better we can show politicians in other lands how to behave!


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Saturday, 9th July, 2016

Still Celebrating!

     Though Wales was knocked out in the semi-finals, the celebrations continue (long into the night in many cases!).

     Rightly so, of course.   We are a comparatively small nation.   Yet we have set an example to the larger one to our East:  our fans showed themselves to be fans, not racist yobbos.   That, too, is worth celebrating.

     And a major factor in all this is that the whole world now knows that Wales is a separate nation – not just as large county of England!   There are some English people who believe we are part of their country.

Political Viewpoints

          A friend of mine commented to someone in England that, whatever the outcome of the Tory Leadership pantomime, we’d end up with a female Wasteminster Prime Minister.   He emphasised the horrible things the last female Prime Minister did to the people of the “United” Kingdom.

     The Englishman replied that The Party of Wales has a female leader who would like to become Prime Minister.

     My friend immediately pointed out that Leanne Wood has only the good of Wales at heart.   Yes, it would be great to have her as our First Minister – especially in a free and independent Wales – as she is a decent, caring politician.

     The Englishman went off at a tangent, saying that it was about time England had its own parliament.   My friend heartily agreed, as most people living in England believe that the Wasteminster crew are the English government.

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