Weekend Wales-Watch, 11th April, 2009

Saturday, 11th April, 2009.


To Clue You In


          I’ve set up this blog to pass on all
sorts of comments from my Pulse Wales “
Weekend Wales-Watch”, which usually appears on a weekly
basis.   However, my site has gone down
this week, due to Server challenges, so I turned to Google for help.

          You can visit Weekend Wales-Watch (if it’s up and running) and have a
look at my previous articles by visiting:-





Another Achievement


          Let us pat ourselves on the back, for Wales has come a plucky second in the
Filthiest Beaches in
Britain ratings.

          As we are such a small nation, I think
we have done extremely well.   The bigger
the population, the more litter it can create.  
But we really showed ‘em!

          We must continue our success by
continuing to ruin rural beauty spots, the streets of our towns, and making a
general mess of our own homes.



“The Unexplained”


          I have a friend who used to write a
newspaper column called “Weird Wonders of Wales”.   It passed on stories from all over our land
about sightings of UFOs, ghosts, the Welsh black cat, and suchlike.

          It is believed his column was
terminated due to a pincer movement of non-conformist ministers and a certain
secret society . . .

          Anyway, he tells me that he received
many, many personal accounts from people who claimed to have experienced
something paranormal.   Some of them were
difficult to prove untrue.   Lots of
them, though, came from folk who had made bad observations, and lots more were
from those with vested interests in proving some sort of point:  the “look-at-me syndrome”, etcetera.

          So, as his interest in such phenomena
has never waned – despite meeting a fair few nutters – he was quick to inform
me of this link.   It will appeal, I
think, to both sceptics and non-sceptics alike:-






          Just heard from a fireman friend of
mine that
Wales is about to experience a lot of
heathland and woodland blazes.   The
fire-crews are on standby for such outbreaks.

          It could be argued that the sun still
isn’t strong enough to heat combustible materials sufficiently to make them
burst into flames.   And that argument
would be correct.

          Right across Wales, there are total idiots who delight
in starting such dangerous fires.   And
it cannot be blamed on “These English” who have started to come here for their
holidays.   We have enough no-brainers of
our own to cause such trouble.

          Come on, Wales – let’s sort out the trouble-makers
and give them some sort of civic pride!



More Financial
Problems Ahead . . .


. .
but only for those who are reliant on government handouts.

          Westminster has announced changes in the way
Social Security benefits are going to be paid.  
The worst hit will be job-seekers and disabled folk.

          Suddenly, they will be paid only every
two weeks.   And, in many cases,
recipients will have no money coming in for a whole week while the system sorts
itself out.

          A friend of mine is part of a group
called “
” which originated here in Wales.  
Members encourage each other to become more self-reliant.   One of their projects is called “
Nan’s Pantry”, which helps them to help
themselves by storing a little food in their homes in case an emergency may

          So “Help Yourselfers” (as they call themselves) won’t be
too badly affected by this brand-new governmental shambles.   For more about the
Help Yourself projects, you can e-mail:


          Oh – and make my name the Subject of
your mail, please – then he’ll know it’s not spam.


Archie Lowe


About Archie Lowe

Though not born in Wales, I have lived and worked here for many years now. I love the place and love that mercurial thing "Welshness". I have been accused of being "a Taffophile" - which is pretty near the truth. The question I ask whenever some idea comes up for the whole of the UK is: "What's in it for Wales". I believe in an independent Wales and am so pleased that our Assembly is a big step on that road.
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