Saturday, 6th June, 2009

More Evidence Of

          It’s becoming increasing obvious that
the mythical land called “Englandnwales” is disappearing.

          A difference between the two seemingly
joined-at-the-hip nations was highlighted this week.   Did you know that £500 a year more
government money is spent on schoolchildren in
England that on ours in Wales?

          We’re talking about Westminster money here.   And yet, lots of Westminster’s money comes out of the pockets of
we in
Wales.   So,
as the
Westminster gang fail our schoolkids so blatantly, should
we not see their inaction as viewing Englandnwales as separate places?   And should we not be denying
Westminster our contributions if England is benefiting from our money and Wales is not?


The Writing On The

          On display in Pembroke Castle is a wall-chart.   It’s cheerfully colourful and depicts “Kings
& Queens of

          That’s fair enough.   A bit of foreign history does nobody any

          Or is it there to irritate people like
me who know darned well that those Kings & Queens also claimed – and still
claim – to be Kings & Queens of

          Or is it there to illustrate that
those Kings & Queens were never, ever Kings & Queens of

          Another indication that Wales is a free and independent nation,


All Over Bar The

          Well, we either went and put our
crosses on our ballot-papers on Thursday, or we spoiled them to show that we
were not apathetic but fed up of politicians in general.

          We feel – and those feelings grow
daily with the revelations of the twisted ways of British politicians – that we
cannot trust anyone we are asked to elect.

          This week, I spoke with a Welsh MP who
is as disgusted with what the free press has revealed about so many of his
Westminster colleagues.   I believe him to be a non-fiddler and as
honest a man as one would with to meet.

          He is not alone in his honesty.   Alas, though, with so many rotten apples in Westminster, we – the public – are rightly

          Therefore, we must seek out our
representatives, get to know them, and convince ourselves of their moral
decency.   Here in
Wales, that is far easier to do than in England.

          There was a superb interview on Radio
Wales this morning, too.   Tony Benn –
someone who has proved himself as a man of principle over a long period of time
– was talking about what ordinary people are really bothered about when it
comes to how the
UK is being run.

          He pointed out that you and I are
really interested in day-to-day living: 
the cost of food, education for our kids, repossession of our homes,
bringing our lads back from Afghanistan, and all those things than is what
Westminster is telling us are the important issues.

          So that’s two straight politicians you
know about now.   There are many, many
more.   Seek ‘em out.   Become involved in politics.   Rage against the dying of the leadership
light.   And work together locally to
continue and protect the neighbourliness and caring of our communities.


Archie Lowe


About Archie Lowe

Though not born in Wales, I have lived and worked here for many years now. I love the place and love that mercurial thing "Welshness". I have been accused of being "a Taffophile" - which is pretty near the truth. The question I ask whenever some idea comes up for the whole of the UK is: "What's in it for Wales". I believe in an independent Wales and am so pleased that our Assembly is a big step on that road.
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