Saturday, 24th July, 2010.

.  What Does It Matter . . .

     . . . it’s only Wales?   So
we are used to the RAF – and, it seems, the USAF – practicing low-flying over
our land.   There are only three such
low-flying practice-patches in the whole of the
British Isles.

     Elfyn Lloyd, MP for Dwyfor Merionnedd, knows
of the problem at first-hand – and is attempting to change things. .   He knows that it is not just the irritation
one suffers when one is quietly enjoying the solitude of our empty spaces and
one is buzzed – I have worse words than that – by a thundering terror-machine.

     Elfyn knows that there is a health
risk:  the noises are affecting people’s

     The Ministry of Defence tells us that our
pilots need ongoing practice in low-level flying.   Perhaps we, the people of
Wales, should request that the good burghers of South-East England open their hearts – and their skies – to those
magnificent men in their flying machines.

     Then, even Mother England would know what
we have to suffer.


Ye Not

     Cardiff Councilor, John Dixon, is in a bit
of trouble.   He was wandering through
London and past a Church of Scientology centre.  
He Twittered that he had “hurried past in case the stupid rubs off”.

     Though the Scientologists have not lodged
a formal complaint, Mr. Dixon was reported to the Ombudsman for Public Services
Wales by one of the members.   And he’s getting his wrist slapped.

     It’s an odd thing that, whatever we say
about organised religious groups – usually of the theistic persuasion – we
ruffle somebody’s feathers even if our comments a blatantly true.

so often I hear atheists mocked.   I find
that pagans are the butt of many jokes.  
But there is no public outrage at those comments.

     It’s a funny old world.


And Rumours Of Floods

     We were getting used to all that Summer
sun, weren’t we?   And then it rained.

     Up in Wrexham, for instance, The North
Wales Fire & Rescue Service was flat out helping unfortunate householders
sort out the flooding.

          Down in Swansea, a care-home was flooded for the second time
in eight months.   Added to the sadness
of that happening, the materials to repair and renovate after the first
flooding back in November had just arrived.  

          Let us bear in mind that, as the Climate
Crisis escalates, there will be many such events.   Let us bear in mind that we need to be as
prepared as we can for emergencies such as floods.

     Yes, I know we’re being taught to
disbelieve in the Climate Crisis.   But
to have our homes prepared for – well, all sorts of emergencies – cannot be a
bad thing, can it?   Perhaps you’d like
to find out more about “
Nan’s Pantry”, a way in which you can prepare
your home “just in case”.   If so, e-mail .


There’s Hope!

     The weather at Builth Wells put only a
slight damper on Royal Welsh Show spirits.  
This lovely annual event is a treat for the whole family.   It needs to be added to everyone’s “Things
To Do Before I’m Too Old List”.

     The Show is a celebration that, despite
factory closures and our entire manufacturing-industry disappearing fairly
rapidly, we still have a solid farming-industry.

     Yes, I know everyone who does not farm
claims that those who do are always moaning.  
But we must bear in mind that farmers cannot simply close their
workplace and throw the key over the door.  
Farmers and their families simply get on with what they do even in these
bad financial times.

      And I, for one, am grateful to them.


Fond Farewell

     Patrick Hannan was a fine journalist, and he was a nice
man.   It was he who first brought “Called
To Order” to Welsh airwaves nine years ago.

     Friday evening saw the last ever programme
in the series.   I do not know what will
replace it on Radio Wales.

     Sadly, no longer will we be able to hear our
politicians and pundits speaking their minds and sometimes squirming on hooks
as they discuss Welsh matters.

     Perhaps we should start a campaign for its

on the subject of journalism, perhaps I can give a blatant plug to an online
magazine run by a friend of mine.   Have
a look at )

Archie Lowe


About Archie Lowe

Though not born in Wales, I have lived and worked here for many years now. I love the place and love that mercurial thing "Welshness". I have been accused of being "a Taffophile" - which is pretty near the truth. The question I ask whenever some idea comes up for the whole of the UK is: "What's in it for Wales". I believe in an independent Wales and am so pleased that our Assembly is a big step on that road.
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