Saturday, 18th February, 2012.

More Of The Same

     As more news emerges about the “financial irregularities” within the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association (AWEMA), it’s pretty obvious that something is amiss at the charity.   The Chief Executive and the Finance Director of AWEMA have been sacked.

     Alas, as I’ve said before, the affair has given vent to all sorts of racist comments.   And it’s raised questions about other charities.

     People are wondering, of course, just how any charity can afford to pay seemingly high salaries to those who run it.   Even the word “charity” has started to be seen in a different light.

     We inWalesare, in the main, a charitable people.   We still hold the values of neighbourliness and community caring.   So we expect any organisation calling itself “a charity” to be run on caring lines and by people who simply want to help a cause.

     Yes, I know there are running expenses for any such organisation.   But it starting to sound as if those good folk who give there time freely to work for a charity – often by rattling a collecting-tin out on the streets in Welsh weather – are being used by those who see working for charities as a career opportunity.

     Charity begins in the heart.

A Warning?

     A Cardiff lady who has six children, had a-hundred-and-eighty grand in various bank accounts, and had claimed ninety-six grand in benefits has been put in prison for fiddling what is your money and mine.

     He defence seems to have been that she was putting cash away for her children’s future.

     How many people in Wales go out and earn sufficient wages to put that sort of money aside for their kids?   How many decent, hard-working families are really up against it in these rotten financial times?

     And how many people do you know in your community who are fiddling “the Social”?

     You will know that my politics are of the liberal Left.   But I do not see anything wrong with bringing these scroungers to justice by reporting them to “the Social”.   If more of us did that, the warning would certainly go out to those fiddlers who claim dole and still work on the quiet.

What’s In A Name?

    Wales is not England.   We have our own customs, our own outlook on life – and our own language.

     However, we are joined at the hip with Mother England, so one would expect that potential visitors would know a little bit about our place-names.   Not so, it seems.

     It’s been found that, on Betws-y-Coed’s website, prospective tourists have spelled the village’s name incorrectly three-hundred-and-sixty-four times!   The variations on its spelling are too numerous to list here.

     Kevin Jones who runs the website is amazed.

     Maybe he reckons that as the people of Wales can spell Manchester or Wolverhampton or London, English people are just as familiar with Welsh place names.

     The big question must be:  how, if one cannot spell the name of the place, can one get onto the Betws-y-Coed website in the first place?

Cold Comfort For Unwanted Callers

     Up in Valley, Anglesey, signs are going to be put on lamp-posts telling wandering salesmen – and saleswomen, of course – that the village is a no-go area for cold-calling.

     Many’s the story I’ve heard over the years of somebody turning up on a doorstep, trotting out a sales-patter which sounds perfectly true and reasonable, taking a deposit for whatever they’re flogging, and disappearing never to be seen again.

   One such criminal knocked on my door only last year.   He waved an identity card under my nose, and part of his sales-patter was to get me to fill in a direct-debit form to pay regular money into – wait for it – a charity!

    For some reason I did not do so.   And I warned my neighbours and the police of the event.

     Congratulations to Anglesey folk for starting this anti-cold-calling campaign.   Let us hope the idea will spread.   There are many vulnerable people out there who we need to protect.

     So if you find a salesperson on your doorstep rattling out his or her patter, just order them to go away.   If they don’t, call the police.

     Now then – how do I stop strangely named companies from making nuisance calls via my phone?

About Archie Lowe

Though not born in Wales, I have lived and worked here for many years now. I love the place and love that mercurial thing "Welshness". I have been accused of being "a Taffophile" - which is pretty near the truth. The question I ask whenever some idea comes up for the whole of the UK is: "What's in it for Wales". I believe in an independent Wales and am so pleased that our Assembly is a big step on that road.
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