Saturday, 10th November, 2012.

The Right Day!

     It takes a long time for Remembrance Day and the nearest Sunday to it to coincide.   But, tomorrow, it happens.

The reason why Those-Who-Know-What’s-Best-For-Us changed it to the nearest Sunday is that they were concerned that, spending an hour or so at Remembrance Services, working-people would lose too much production-time.   And profits could be affected.   Couldn’t have that, could we?   Especially as those who died did so in a war – in wars – which their betters created/create.

Here in Wales, we have no major industries these days:  coal-mining, for which we were far-famed, was virtually stopped by the party of the ruling-classes.   Our steelworks will eventually become shopping-malls or something.

So, in our special land, perhaps we should start observing the 11th November to remember our war-dead, no matter on which day of the week that date falls.

Back To Nature

     This week, a Golden Eagle – a female – escaped from its aviary in Pontycymer down in the Bridgend area.   Like many caged birds, it needed to spread its wings in a larger landscape.

Police are asking people to keep their eyes open for it.   It is described as “large and powerful” – about par for the course when it comes to Golden Eagles!

You can recognise it, for it is not to be confused with our buzzards and red-kites.   It is much, much bigger!

Take my word for that for, “somewhere in Wales”, there’s a wild male Golden Eagle which has been there for about three Winters now.   I’ve seen him, at fairly close quarters, a couple of times – a beautiful bird and a thrilling experience.

Maybe the pair will find each other and we could have a brood sometime.

More Ecological News

     That piece of good ecological news has been countered by some bad ecological news here in Wales.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has confirmed that the first case of ash-die-back disease has been found in Wales.   Defra hasn’t pinpointed the place where it’s been found, but has revealed that it is in private woodland in Carmarthenshire.

This is a serious affair.   Our entire population of ashes could be decimated very quickly.

Be aware.   And, in this case, follow the advice of Wasteminster government and clean your shoes after your walks, and other things to help contain the disease.   Remember Dutch Elm-disease?

About Archie Lowe

Though not born in Wales, I have lived and worked here for many years now. I love the place and love that mercurial thing "Welshness". I have been accused of being "a Taffophile" - which is pretty near the truth. The question I ask whenever some idea comes up for the whole of the UK is: "What's in it for Wales". I believe in an independent Wales and am so pleased that our Assembly is a big step on that road.
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