Saturday, 27th April, 2013.

Spend Locally

     On my travels recently, I paused a while in one of my favourite Welsh towns:  Lampeter.

It’s still a bustling little place, and there’s a large car-park where you can leave your car for as long as you like – for free.   That’s because, I was told, the car-park is on a patch of what was once common-land, so nobody actually own the space, nobody can demand money!

I was a little saddened, though, when I noticed quite a few shops have closed.   Lampeter’s whole shopping centre is really compact, so I suppose empty shops are more noticeable.

The biggest blow I had was to see that Conti’s café is “closed for alterations until further notice”.   And I so much wanted to sample the best ice-cream in Wales – and, therefore, the world.

One can only hope that such a Mecca for us ice-cream lovers will be altered quickly, with a massive space added to accommodate lots and lots of Conti’s superb ice-cream!

More Parking News

     I’ve mentioned before in this column a firm called ParkingEye.   They operate spy-cameras on car-parks in many parts of Britain.

Last year, a friend of mine won his case against paying ParkingEye a fine.   He lives near Aberystwyth where the area known locally as “Lidl’s Car-Park”.   And many drivers who have parked on the site have been issued with demands for fees because, it was alleged, they had remained there for more than the permitted two hours.

When my friend’s success was publicised in the press and on radio, people were advised to simply ignore any demand from ParkingEye.   So that’s what dozens of folk have done.

In the main, ParkingEye have not followed up their demand.   Indeed, I know of a few people who have ignored their demands for over a year.

Yet my friend heard of a local man who ignored a demand and who has had letters from a firm called Debt Recovery Plus, threatening to take him to court if he does not pay up quickly.

My friend is giving help and support to the man, and the local MP and newspaper are being kept informed.   And so will you be, dear reader, via this column.


     Newport’s railway-station has had a face-life costing twenty-two million pounds.

The new, “futuristic” styled roof leaks.

Picture in Archie Lowe, Editor.docimg201


About Archie Lowe

Though not born in Wales, I have lived and worked here for many years now. I love the place and love that mercurial thing "Welshness". I have been accused of being "a Taffophile" - which is pretty near the truth. The question I ask whenever some idea comes up for the whole of the UK is: "What's in it for Wales". I believe in an independent Wales and am so pleased that our Assembly is a big step on that road.
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