The Only Topic Of Conversation (Sat., 9th May, ’15)

     I refer, of course, to the outcome – and lead up to – the General Election.

     There was, as usual, a lot of bilge talked by various politicians of all parties.   And, here in Wales, their rhetoric seems to have fallen on a lot of deaf ears.

We managed to re-elect our three candidates representing The Party of Wales, and I know they will speak up about all matters concerning our land.   But I reckon we should have got more support in other constituencies for Plaid Cymru.

Indeed, more support from the electorate in general!   It was, by my standards, anyway, a rotten turnout.   Only 65.7% of The People of Wales used their votes!

Than means that three out of ten eligible voters either couldn’t be bothered, found excuses or really had proper reasons for their abstention.

I’ve heard several explanations give for the less-than-good turnout.   “People are fed up of these politicians” seems to be a major one.   And, especially in rural areas, it’s being blamed on the high immigrant population from our Eastern neighbour.   It seems that most of them are considered as knowing nothing about Wales, its history or its culture.   Even when they’ve lived here a while, they do not seem to integrate into their communities.

That’s what’s being said, anyway.

So I suppose the only thing to be done is to educate those incomers – and educate those born and bred here – in the manner of using one’s vote.   How that can be done will differ from place to place, but I believe personal contact is a great tool.

The methods of doing that will vary from place to place, of course.

And the main point which must be put over is that Wales should have the same amount of responsibility for its own decisions as Scotland.

That, my friends, is the extent of this column for this week.   But I believe I have written about a very important issue.

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About Archie Lowe

Though not born in Wales, I have lived and worked here for many years now. I love the place and love that mercurial thing "Welshness". I have been accused of being "a Taffophile" - which is pretty near the truth. The question I ask whenever some idea comes up for the whole of the UK is: "What's in it for Wales". I believe in an independent Wales and am so pleased that our Assembly is a big step on that road.
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